PCWA Watershed Site Ranks
Watershed Rank
(Best to Worst)
Richness Evenness % EPT
(high to low)
% Chironomidae
(low to high)
1 CR-1 PC-5 SR-1 CR-2 CR-1 SR-1 CR-1
2 PC-7 PC-7 CR-1 PC-6 PC-7 CR-2 PC-5
3 SR-1 BR-1 CR-2 SR-1 BR-1 CR-1 BR-1
4 BR-1 CR-1 BR-1 CR-1 PC-5 BR-1 PC-7
5 SH-1 SR-1 LR-2 PC-7 SR-1 PC-5 PC-3
6 TF-1 PC-6 PC-5 BR-1 CR-2 PC-6 PC-6
7 CR-2 CR-2 PC-7 PC-5 PC-6 PC-7 CR-2
8 PC-3 SH-1 PC-1 SH-1 SH-1 SH-1 SH-1
9 PC-6 LR-2 SH-1 LR-2 LR-2 LR-2 TF-1
10 PC-5 PF-2 PC-6 PF-2 TF-1 PF-2 PF-2
11 LR-2 LR-1 LR-1 TF-1 PF-2 PF-2 SR-1
12 PF-2 TF-1 PC-2 LR-1 LR-1 PC-1 PC-1
13 LR-3 PC-2 PF-2 PC-1 PC-1 PC-3 LR-1
14 LR-1 PC-1 TF-1 PC-2 PC-2 PC-2 PC-4
15 PC-1 PC-3 PC-3 PC-3 PC-3 LR-1 LR-2
16 PC-2 LR-3 PF-1 LR-3 LR-3 PC-4 PC-2
17 PC-4 PF-1 PC-4 PF-1 PC-4 LR-3 LR-3
18 PF-1 PC-4 LR-3 PC-4 PF-1 PF-1 PF-1

Sites marked in blue are downstream of outfall of at least one sewage treatment plant outfall. Sites in yellow are upstream of sewage plant influence.